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Containers and General Cargo

contenedores y carga general


In the Containers and General Cargo Terminal of Terminal Las Palmas, our customers can find solutions to all their operational and logistics requirements.  Some of the standard services that you may request are the following:


Terminal Las Palmas has a Feeders service (Barges or smaller vessels) connecting the terminal with the ports of Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Asunción. The importance of Montevideo and Asunción services lies in the transformation of Terminal Las Palmas from an up-river port to a strategic location port with an international connection, and customized port infrastructure and services.

Containers Stacking and Unstacking

It is the physical and documentary reception, delivery, planning and coordination of the movement of containers in Las Palmas port, for importation and exportation, transit and empty replenishment containers.

Fiscal and National Storage Facilities

TLP has over 15,000 m2 fiscal and national facilities, which provide a big added value to container consolidating and deconsolidating. Additionally, it gives its customers the possibility of having their own fiscal and national storage facilities suitable for all types of cargo, including food.

Containers and General Cargo Storage Facilities

TLP has a highly technicalized security system and the necessary infrastructure to store any type of cargo either in transit or for the local market.

Containers Transportation

The transportation service is a comprehensive part of logistics. TLP is reliable both inside and outsider the port.

Cargo Consolidation and Deconsolidation

This service consists in providing exporters with an empty container previously assigned by the shipowner and consolidate in it the cargo to be exported so that it can later be shipped to its destination. Likewise, in the case of an import, the container is opened and emptied, the cargo is delivered to the broker and the container is placed as required by the by the shipowner. TLP specializes in consolidating every type of bulk cereals and flour inside containers thanks to the port equipment and facilities combined with our cereals port.

Integrated Logistics

A great added value that TLP offers its customers is service integration in such a way that the customer only interacts with one intermediary who covers all the required logistic and foreign trade needs. This is possible for TLP thanks to its wide network of related companies and its high calling for customer service.

Services for Maritime and River Lines

Vessel Services

In addition to berthing services, we provide drinkable water, electricity, facilities for the storage of supplies and fuels, use of cranes and vessels vigilance.

Containers Inspection and Repair

TLP has a specialized and certified area exclusively to the service of inspection, quotation and repair of containers of all types present on the market. The high specialization of its experts for structural and machinery repairs in the case of refrigerated containers stands out.

Area for Empty Containers

TLP has an empty containers area of 10,000 m2 with capacity for 2,000 containers, with all the security measures required. It also offers equipment management and a daily stock check through EDI information technology systems.