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Cereal Terminal

Having prime importance in Terminal Las Palmas project, the cereal port offers a 250-meter-long berthing area suitable for the operation of vessels like Panamax, among others, with a 36-feet natural depth. The loading capacity is 2,000 tons an hour for protein derivatives and 2,400 tons an hour for grains. The storage area has capacity for 100,000 tons of cereals and 30,000 tons of pellets and flour. The unload movement is completed with the barges operation. For this purpose, there is an internal dock with capacity to unload two barges simultaneously, at 600 tons an hour.


  • 1 30,000 tons soybean base cell.
  • 6 8,000 tons soybean base silo.
  • 1 conditioning plant with 2,400 tons of storage capacity and a 60-tons/h drying speed for 4 points of humidity of the corn.
  • 2 shipping conveyors of 1,200 tons/h each.
  • 3 Automatic Buhler davits.
  • 3 Unload platforms of 300 tons/h each.